The Mellow Table

Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule, cancel an appointment, or reduce your appointment time. This gives us enough time to fill this time slot. Continuous offense to being tardy, or after your first no show The Mellow Table reserves the right to decline further service, and withhold a credit card on file for a 50% charge to compensate for time lost.

Prior to each session, the treatment plan or beauty service will be discussed with you. At your first visit with us you will need to arrive a few minutes prior to your service to fill out the proper forms and signed consent stating that you have read the information, understand it, and agree to comply with professional services provided by The Mellow Table.


The service provider at The Mellow Table is a licensed cosmetologist who specializes and performs beauty services such as Facials, Lash Extensions, Lash Lifts, Brow/Facial Waxing, Brow and Lash Tinting. This type of licensing does not apply to skin concerns that may impact your health. We perform our services within our scope of practice and will refer you out to a Dermatologist. 

Requests for sexual activity will not be tolerated, will be viewed as solicitation, and reported to the proper authorities under the guidelines of the onsite licensed professional. The client will not be rescheduled if this occurs. 



It is the responsibility of the client to keep The Mellow Table informed of any medical treatment, skin treatments currently being taken, and to provide written permission from the Dermatologist that the onsite beauty professional may continue the treatment plan. The client must also keep The Mellow Table informed of any changes in health conditions for the duration upon visiting our office. If we notice any contraindications based on the information provided we will not continue your treatment plan until you are released by your Dermatologist.