The Mellow Table




As a licensed cosmetologist, and former massage therapist I have practiced with the beauty and spa industries for over a decade. I have had a series of work opportunities that led me from small businesses to the luxury spa industry allowing me to work with many clients from all over the world from different walks of life. The knowledge I have gained over the past decade and learning from so many individual’s needs, has led me to open The Mellow Table in 2018.

This is a space I created for one-on-one services where all the focus is on you. A place where you can relax unwind, and as we like to call, “Mellow Out.”

We take it one step further by also offering services in beauty courses for Esthetician students or Estheticians who already have their practice and wish to add more to their menu.

We Welcome all professionals in the beauty industry such as Massage Therapists, Nail Technicians, Estheticians, and Cosmetologists can benefit not just from our courses but also from our Small Business Consulting packages that is geared specifically for the Beauty Professional. We have a passion for helping others within the industry to jumpstart their careers with a little ease and help along the way.

We wish everyone peace, love, and light who pass through The Mellow Table.

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