The Mellow Table


      As a Licensed Massage Therapist and Cosmetologist, I’ve professionally practiced massage therapy for almost a decade. Most of my experiences in this field gave me the opportunity to work in the luxury spa industry. I have had the pleasure of being exposed to a variety of industry modalities and high profile clients from all over the world. The knowledge and experiences I have gained over the span of my career has inspired me to open my very own practice. 

     The Mellow Table is a safe space where my clients can come to relax and as we say here, “mellow out”. I offer a variety of professional services such as a customized massage, a relaxing facial or a beauty enhancement service. My goal is to provide an outstanding experience and educate individuals on how to take it one step further on proper self care and being in tune with ones’ body. 

Peace, Love and Light to all those who passes through the Mellow Table.

                          ~Heidi Queirolo~ 

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