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Peace, Love, and Light to all who passes through The Mellow Table

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What They Say

"I personally like the combination of massage and cupping, i like deep tissue and i promise you will never find anyone better. I have had many massages in my lifetime and in a word Heidi is the best!"
"Heidi is in-tune with her clients and she listens to you and what your body tells her. She dials into the areas you ask to be healed and uncovers areas that you didn’t even know were in need of attention. She will make your body feel amazing. Ask her about the many different services she can offer to rejuvenate your body and make you feel whole again."
"I have been going to Heidi for several years now. When she was employed by a large company and went off on her own, I was quick to let her know that I wanted to get with her when convenient – I was going to this chain because of her and her only.
I would recommend Heidi to anyone who is seeking a professional and enjoyable massage regardless of whether is it deep tissue, Swedish, etc. I am on the road a lot so I have some problem areas that are associated with so much time in a vehicle: lower back, neck, etc…. so I consistently see her monthly to keep my body feeling good and loose. She is wonderful and super comfortable to be with. She has opened her own location in Orlando and it is really nice and peaceful and easy to get to. I have enjoyed getting to know her and being a client of hers for so many years."

"The Mellow Table… I love this name it aptly describes the vibe in Heidi’s studio. Heidi is warm and gracious and instantly makes you feel comfortable the moment you arrive. Your about to have the pleasure of experiencing a massage from a professional and her depth of knowledge and her continual honing of the her craft is felt the moment she begins as she melts away the pain and stress."